Where I Stand About In The Dark Again

I do like a spot of astrophotography, but the British weather, and the local light pollution do not make this easy. I have wanted to get a decent shot of the Milky Way for a couple of years, but have never managed to get the right set of climactic conditions... until a few weeks ago. Despite it being summer (although you would never know it with the weather recently), The Delightful Mr F provided hot chocolate whilst we stood in the dark and I did battle with the light pollution in our area. I am really pleased with this shot, I hope to go to some proper dark sites at some point, but as a start, I don't think I did too badly. 

For those who like the technical detail, this was taken on a Fuji XT-1, 18mm f2, ISO 800, 2 mins 40 sec exposure time. If you fancy getting started with Astrophotography, then pop back tomorrow when there will be a blog post on that very topic. 

Milkyway Final.jpg