It Is Good To Practise

A week or so back,  I needed a walk. I needed to get outside, into the autumnal sunshine for some fresh air.  I grabbed my camera and decided I’d snap whatever caught my eye. 

A few months ago, when showing someone one of my shots, I got the response that every photographer hates… “Wow, you must have an amazing camera!”  Really? Would you say to a chef who had cooked you a wonderful meal, “Wow! You must have an amazing oven!”

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Where It Doesn't Rain

I have been feeling a little off colour of late, and so haven't been out and about as much as normal. The weather this summer hasn't helped, and let's face it, has been pretty awful hasn't it? I was itching to get out with my camera again when I woke up one morning to find that it wasn't raining. Not only was it not raining, the forecast seemed to indicate it wasn't going to rain, and it might actually be sunny. Cue frantic camera battery charging. By the time I had gathered all my photographic accoutrements together, the sun was well and truly out. I was feeling in a floral mood, so headed off to see if I could photograph some horticulture.  Here are my efforts.

They are both shot in situ in the local RHS Wisely Gardens, natural light only. I used my Fuji XT-1 with the 35mm f2 WR lens.