Making the step from complete beginner to competent and creative photographer can seem impossible. I designed this course to interweave both the technical and creative aspects of photography and to lead you step by step through each skill. Each module builds on the last so you can integrate photographic principles with your own creativity, gain confidence in your own photographic style and allow you to build a portfolio of six to eight shots by the end of the course.  The course is limited to six delegates to ensure a tailored approach for everyone.

Course Content: 

The topics we will cover are:

  • Exposure: Using aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings out of auto mode and how to apply the correct settings and control light to create the look you want.

  • Use of focal length: How the lens you choose can impact the look of your photographs.

  • Colour theory: Using colour to create mood and an aesthetic.

  • Black and white: How to see in black and white and use it to create atmosphere.

  • Composition: Understand how to use various compositional techniques to focus the viewer on the photograph.

  • Post processing using Lightroom (or similar): Understand how to tweak and adjust your photographs for maximum impact.

  • Personal projects: Running throughout the course will be the theme of developing your own ideas and style, using the above skills and techniques to support your creative vision.

We won't cover:

  • Flash - I am a natural light photographer, and whilst flash is useful tool to have in your skill set, it is a whole course all on its own.

  • Photoshop - I am a little old school here, I like to capture the moment, and the essence of a scene as it happens. Photoshop is an amazing piece of tech, and it takes a great deal of skill to use it. It has it's place, but for this course, we will take a look at basic post processing in Lightroom (or similar), but not extensive retouching, layering or image manipulation in Photoshop.

  • Specific photographic genres - This is not a course that covers portraiture one month, landscape the next, and nature the next. This course was designed to give you skills to apply to whatever it is you want to photograph. You will have the freedom to apply your new skills in whatever creative way you wish.

Course Dates and Times:

Each workshop will be three hours long, once per month, over 8 months, giving a total of 24 hours contact time. In addition there will be an optional one day photography trip to a local location (travel expenses and lunch excluded), for those who would like to go out shooting together as a group. After each workshop, a monthly assignment will be set to apply the skills you have learned in a creative way. I will review the assignments and provide written guidance and critique.  


Photography Kit Required:

You don't need a top end DSLR to undertake this course. All you will need is a camera where you can take manual control, in other words control over aperture, shutter speed and ISO. If you are not sure whether your camera is suitable, drop me a line and I can take a look. You do not need multiple lenses, and there will be no requirement to buy additional kit, unless you want to of course!

Access to a post processing programme such as Lightroom would be useful, but not essential.

Course Materials:

Each delegate will be given a course manual containing all teaching materials, plus access to electronic versions. A online group is available for the group to share photographs and ideas. At the end of the course, delegates who complete all the assignments will receive a certificate of achievement. 

About the Trainer

I have been taking photographs for over 20 years, first on film and then on digital too. I am an experienced trainer with qualifications in training from ILM and NCFE, having trained individuals and groups from new starts through to experts. I am passionate about photography and am not bothered about genre. My aim is to support everyone who is interested in photography, to help them improve and get as much joy from it as I do. 

Training Qualifications:

- ILM: Advanced Training the Trainer Programme

- NCFE: Professional Award in Training the Trainer

Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about the course, then please drop me a line.